“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”  Robert Frank

Now featured in Virginia Living Magazine

Ceremony Venue: Saint James Episcopal Church 
Reception Venue: Country Club of Virginia 
Florals: White House Flowers 
Lighting and Rentals: Mosaic 
Dress: Mira Zwillinger 
Band: Sound Connection 

Tell us about your big day! 

Our day began with a first look at 9am when Dan rushed over to see me. Awoken by an earlier phone call from him, I emerged from my slumber to practice our unrehearsed first dance. Our song, Lights by Journey, represented his long-awaited return to San Francisco, where I was living and working at the time of our engagement. My twin sister masterfully choreographed every dip and spin, which woke me up more than a strong cup of coffee!

In the pre-ceremony hours, Dan was flanked by groomsmen and ushers as they embarked on a jog to Belle Isle. They swapped their running shoes for patent leather loafers, which felt more presidential in the eponymous suite where he hosted them in the Jefferson Hotel. Meanwhile, my bridesmaids and I relaxed, pampered ourselves and shared wonderful memories. A trolley delivered Dan and his tuxedo troop to St. James Episcopal Church, while I was hidden away in the basement of the church surrounded by my Princeton field hockey teammates.

Our fondest memory of the ceremony at St. James occurred in the moment our hands clasped after I walked down the aisle. Our nervous energy was palpable, but the reassuring voice of Reverend Dr. William Sachs resonated in the most comforting way. The sonorous music of the Virginia Girls Choir, Lisa Edwards-Burrs, and Dr. Michael Davison lifted our souls and reminded us of the sanctity of the journey upon which we were about to embark. 

The Country Club of Virginia, MOSAIC, and Whitehouse Flowers created a magical setting for us to dance under the stars. Once Sound Connection began playing, Dan and I hardly stopped dancing, which was further facilitated by the band never taking a break!