Why choose Allegra’s Studio?

From Nancy and Basey

Allegra’s work is STUNNING. She is amazing at what she does and is truly talented. We couldn’t believe the photographs when we saw them – they were over the top. 

Allegra is a joy to work with. She brings positivity to your wedding and is fun to be around. Our eight flower girls ADORED her (and so did we)! She works harder than anyone – I felt bad she was working so hard! 

Allegra will go to the utmost lengths to get you the best images possible – this included climbing on top of a giant tractor for the perfect spot to photograph all our guests together. It also included letting us climb on top of her (yes, we climbed on her back!) so we could get (UNBELIEVABLE) photographs on top of a giant hay bale. 

Allegra also brought a lot of much needed direction and professionalism to our wedding. We had a really big wedding and she did a simply fantastic job of documenting everything.


From Nikki and Will

Allegra’s artistic style and amazing previous work are why I was drawn to her. Her creativity and ability to think outside the box are exactly what I was looking for. Also when I got engaged everyone had advice for me on everything! Allegra was the common theme for a photographer, my friends and family said Allegra was the best! Working with Allegra was a treat, we had so much fun together and my photo sessions were one of my favorite parts of my wedding journey.  

Link to their wedding post.


From Crishaun and Patrick at West Manor

 As soon as I saw Allegra’s website, I knew that she had to be our photographer! Her work is captivating and it speaks for itself! I particularly fell in love with her infrared photographs because they are so unique and beautiful.   Link to their wedding post


From Laura and Kwabs

We started looking for a wedding photographer long before our wedding.  When Laura and I were visiting a potential wedding venue outside of Charlottesville, the venue coordinator let us look through photo albums of weddings that they had hosted.  Allegra had shot several of the weddings.  Laura and I immediately agreed that she had a great eye and that her pictures had that “wow” factor.  Link to their wedding post.


From Cindy and Brian

07 fall wedding

 Allegra was highly recommended by The Inn at Willow grove and boy are we glad we chose her. She helped with every aspect of the Wedding!    Link to their wedding post.


From Marion and Jon

wedding on a horse farm_112

I was told that Allegra was the best photographer in Virginia, I had a conference call with Allegra to make sure that we would work well together and it was a perfect match, I didn’t do any research just went off my gut and what I had heard and the pictures so far are amazing I cant wait to see the rest!  Link to their wedding post


From Amy and Pedro


why did we choose you to take pictures is easy to answer – you were perfect !!! Your ideas & you have the experience and you did not do cheesy pictures & you made everything natural. Allegra you kept me calm and relaxed you thought of everything. And it was awesome that you are bilingual since we had family from Spain  Link to their wedding post


From Julie, mother of the bride




and some more raves from other clients!

allegrasstudio-rave 01

I just got a preview of Lindsay Cobb Witt and Alan Witt’s wedding photos. They are amazing. Anyone looking for a photographer I highly recommend Allegra G Alegra she is absolutley AMAZING!!! Thanks Allegra. I look forward to all the photos on Monday. I have looked at them 4 times and cried every time…..that is talent.

..They are truly spectacular. Thanks again. If you ever need a reference please feel free to use me! Mother of the bride

allegrasstudio-rave 03

I cannot say enough good things about Allegra!!! I am Italian and I got married at the Clifton Inn. I had to organize the whole wedding from Italy and it was quite difficult to pick all the vendors just from emails. I emailed 30 photographer and I immediately knew she was the right one when she responded the next day with so many helpful details and examples of her work!
She was on time and super efficient, with a detailed list of all the shots she had to take and she was open to new ones too! But the most amazing thing about her is her nature: she was smiling, kind and helpful the whole time, talking and reassuring my family and me, being nice to the guest and making sure to take great shots! We had a preview of her work the same night at the Clifton and all the guests were blown away! They all work in the entertainment industry and we can surely see a good pic! They were amazing even without any photoshop!


I am shy and sensitive and she was able to take picture of me without embarrassing me, it was perfect.
It was the best money I ever spent, seriously! she is great!



The pictures are amazing!!! I can’t stop looking through them – thank you! I want to go over album options with my mom …Thank you so much for your help!! And for the incredible pictures.

Emily and Matt


Allegra, they’re GREAT!
Thanks for getting to us so early. It was such a nice surprise to go home to the photos. We’re having a blast looking thru them!

Thanks again!

Terry and Sean


oh thank you!!!! what a happy surprise this morning!! the photos are absolutely beautiful – so much better than we could have ever hoped for! OMG such amazing photos! It was like re-living the day/night all over again! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the downtown shots – they turned out so well despite the humidity!!! What a beautiful collection of pictures. thank you thank you thank you!



These are AMAZING. Beyond incredible. I cannot WAIT to see more! Thank you for everything, Allegra!
Elisabeth & Dietram

I just wanted to let you know that we received the proofs and have had a chance to browse our gallery, and we think that you did a fabulous job. I can’t wait until I have more time this weekend to go through the pictures more thoroughly!

Thanks so much again. I really love the job you did!!!

Maura and Matt


From Facebook
loves the slideshow Allegra’s studios compiled for our wedding. She is The. Incredible. Photographer. Go to this site, click the slideshow, and check it out. (Thank you Allegra, we love you!)

It’s so beautiful it made me cry a few tears. I’m such an old sentimental fool. Your photogapher captured so many poignant, loving moments. She did a superb job!

WOW!!! That was awesomely great!!! Felt like I was at the event!! She is great!

This video is spectacular!

Our photographer is brilliant, attentive sweetheart. She travels too so if you need a great photographer you need to hit up Allegra! I’m so glad you liked it ladies!

Charlotte and Matthew

“Thank you Allegra! The photos look GORGEOUS…can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks for everything…you were wonderful and we had a perfect day!”

Heather and David

They are WONDERFUL!!!

Thanks much!!

Jay (father of the bride)

Here is a sneak peak from the wedding- the pictures are so beautiful, Allegra at Allegra’s Studio was SO amazing, I could not think of a better photographer to capture our special day and I highly recommend her to everyone! I am obsessed, I can’t stop watching it! Lindsay



Dear Allegra,
Thank you for making our wedding PERFECT 10 years ago today in Bedford/Roanoke Virginia! You came to our rescue on every hiccup and you provided us making photographic memories that we still look at every day! Big Hugs and Smiles, Jennifer and Brandon Emanuel (And baby Beatrice) Dallas, TXn
allegrasstudio-rave 02