Intimate Events with 25 or fewer guests, friends or participants are a special love of mine.  When two people really want to focus on the moments between them and share this with just a few select people, it is a special honor to be selected to create the photographs from such an event.

Two incredible people who met while working in Human Rights for United Nations joined together with a small group of friends and family at historic Avenel for an intimate wedding.

I also offer coverage for other types of events like birthdays, baptisms and other special occasions.  The following event was a surprise birthday party organised entirely by Kimberly's husband!

I really do adore these kinds of weddings.  Simple.  Heartfelt.  Real.  Combining a music festival, camp out and one of the hottest days of the year into a fantastic personal wedding!

Milestone birthdays are especially joyous occasions!

Two people.  One officiant.  One photographer.  That's all it takes to get these kinds of images of a most private, personal and heartfelt wedding.