Craddock Terry Hotel

Congratulations to Brooke and Eddie!  Your wedding was the perfect blend of families and small special moments.  Thank you for trusting me with your memories!

I like to let folks learn about my couples through their own words - please find the link to their complete gallery at the end of this interview.

How did you meet?

Eddie says - Exactly 2 years ago from our wedding day, Brooke reached out to me on an online dating sight and simply said "Hi!"  With that, we started the best conversation I've ever had; one that we will continue to have for the rest of our lives.  When we had first set the date to meet, I didn't know what to expect.  Here is the most beautiful girl, totally out of my league, and she's not running away!  We ordered drinks and started holding hands across the table.  Before we left, our server told us we were the cutest couple she'd ever seen, and I knew she was right.  We wished each other goodnight and started planning our next date immediately, eager to see each other again.  Here we are getting married 2 years later!


How did you choose the Craddock Terry for your wedding?

 Brooke says - The Craddock Terry will always remind me of where we got engaged, just a short walk away, on the bank of the James River.  I fell in love with the Granite Room as soon as I saw it!  Such elegance and earthiness all in one place!


Tell us about your dress, shoes and other accessories!

 Brooke says - We are pretty big non-traditionalists, so I took Eddie to browse Church Street Bridal.  I tried on probably 5 dresses before the sales lady said, "Here, try this one!"  

Eddie says - When she tried on all those dresses, she looked really pretty, but when she tried on the last dress, that's when I saw my bride.

Brooke says - The tiara I wore, was given to me by my mother last Christmas.  As a child, she would put me in pageants. One time I won the title of Little Miss Central Virginia and was awarded a tiara just like that one.  I played princess in it all the time and eventually the jewels fell out.  It was so neat to get to be a princess again!


What detail did you like best about your wedding day?

 We loved selecting our music together with our DJ, Kim!  We had some of the most eclectic selections, from Rock, to Pop, to string instrumental versions of our favorite Heavy Metal.  The best music of all was Eddie's acoustic guitar recording of Can't Help Falling In Love, he made just for me to walk down the aisle.


What was your favorite moment during your wedding day?

 We really enjoyed taking photos together and especially our 'first look' Allegra so beautifully orchestrated.  Another favorite moment was when we made it back down the aisle and got to take a breath, hidden in a back hallway.  Eddie looked into my eyes and said, "Hey, we're married now!"


Tell us about your food and cake!

 Dinner was catered by Shoemaker's, always delicious and so elegantly presented.  Our cake was made by Jai at The Blue Lady in Bedford.  It was decorated in fresh lavender which smelled amazing and when the little flowers fell off into the icing, they tasted great too!  The top tier was lavender oil infused, and we saved that for just us.  The second tier tasted like a raspberry doughnut, and the bottom tier was chocolate cake with a smooth chocolate filling.  


Why did you choose Allegra’s Studio for your photography?

 Allegra has a keen eye for detail and a very artistic flair.  She was super easy and fun to work with!  I love how she just rolled with us, keeping an eye out for whimsical or special moments to capture.  We could say, "Hey, this might be a cool shot," and she would jump right into setting them up for us.  Some of her ideas, turned out to be the best pictures.  


What's next on your calendar as a couple?

Enjoying our life and family together as the new Mr. and Mrs. Sitzler.

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