Q: Why should we hire you?
A: First look at my portfolio.  Then come back and we’ll talk.  Are you back?  Great!  Did you see something you liked?  Good!  Fall in love?  Even better!  My work, my vision is unique.  It should speak to you.  If you want images from your wedding that are classical, elegant, timeless, and that speak to you, then you should speak to me!


Q: How long have you been doing this?
A:  I have been a professional photographer since 1999.  I am fully insured, I pay my taxes (all of them!) and have never missed a wedding to date.  I have a gorgeous brick and mortar studio in the Downtown Historic district.  We’re open by appointment only so please contact us to set up a time and date – we would hate to miss you!


Q: How many pictures do you typically capture/create at a wedding?
A: All weddings are different and since I offer unlimited images, it is difficult to place an exact number on the quantity of images taken. I generally average around 50 images an hour depending on the size of the wedding, number of locations, and length of the wedding reception.


Q: Can I give you a list of photos I want taken?
A: I will be happy to work with you on developing a list and schedule for the FORMAL photos of your special day. However, the idea behind my style is to photograph the day’s unfolding events and emotions with minimal interference and maximum observation! If I am trying to follow a three page magazine list of “must-haves”, or set up shots to ensure a photo on a list, I cannot capture the special moments that are happening all around on your wedding day.  I also do not include table shots in my coverage and recommend adding a portrait station/photobooth.


Q: What about your equipment?
A: The most important thing you need to know is that I use professional cameras, lenses, and lighting AND that I have at least one back up for each piece just in case.  Since I upgrade my gear regularly, what I use today may not be what I use for your future wedding but I am currently a Canon gal!


Q: Do you travel?
A: Yes! I am an experienced destination wedding photographer with many weddings under my belt.  There may be fees involved so please contact me for more information.


Q: Do you shoot every wedding?

A: When you contract with Allegra’s Studio, you get Allegra and an associate! Occasionally, we may bring an assistant depending on the size and length of the wedding but you are never charged for additional personnel. Of course emergencies can happen; the studio has a number of photographers who collaborate as a network and who will fill in with the client’s approval. In any case, we have never yet missed a wedding nor do we plan to!


Q: How many weddings do you do?
A: I book only one wedding per weekend and only 10-15 per year. This enables me to provide the customized service and level of detail that Allegra’s Studio is known for.


Q: Why so few weddings?
A: Each wedding I do involves a massive amount of behind the scenes work that most clients never see. To get a brief idea, approximately 10 hours are spent before the wedding weekend on the initial consultation, the portrait session, answering questions, scouting the location(s), and reviewing the wedding plan with the bride and groom. On the wedding weekend, I spend from ten to twenty hours at the rehearsal, preparing, and of course the wedding itself. After the wedding, I spend anywhere from twenty hours to forty hours downloading, backing up, culling, processing and editing your images.  Depending on what options you have selected, I then have to get your proofs printed, received, quality controlled and of course delivered to you. Once an album is ordered, I can spend anywhere from forty hours to ….whatever retouching, designing, printing, assembling, and reviewing the final order. With each wedding potentially taking 2-3 weeks of my full time efforts, I can only provide my services to a limited number of discerning clients.


Q: What do you wear to weddings?
A: It depends on the wedding! I try to blend in with the crowd so for a casual summer outdoor wedding, I am likely to wear a linen suit while for a formal winter evening, I would usually wear a dark dressy suit. Rest assured that I won’t show up at your special event in shorts and a T-shirt!


Q: Are files for sale?
A: Yes! Depending on your option selected, they may be included right away, on your one year anniversary or as an a la carte item.


Q: How much will it cost to have you shoot my wedding?
A: My pricing is a la carte which means that your coverage fee and your albums, prints and folios are all individually priced. This allows you to purchase only what you want and need.   Please click on pricing for a brief review of my coverage and then contact me so that we can discuss your couture option.


Q: I know I want to book you; what do I do next?
A: Please contact the studio to find out if I am available on your date.  I accept only 10-15 weddings per year and dates book quickly.  If I am available, I require a signed contract and a booking fee to reserve your date.


Q: Can you hold my date for me?
A: Unfortunately, in fairness to all clients, I cannot hold dates without the commitment of the booking fee and signed contract.


Q: Do you photograph family portraits?
A: Of course! Click here for more information on portrait sessions!


Q: What’s the deal with the ladybug in your logo?
A: My mother’s nickname growing up was “Mariquita” or Ladybug in Spanish. I am only here doing what I love because of her love and support and her belief that I could do anything! It’s my small way of honoring her contribution to Allegra’s Studio.